LetraYGS 99 Megarap

Jack Douglass

Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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I've read your comments for four years now Been trying to make it better, but I never knew how Guess it's time to end this

I'm almost done I've read all your comments, every single one And it's a damn shame, gotta end the game And the only one to blame is me, it's so lame Gotta finish, better go out strong So here it is, the last YGS song Theres never not not nuttin Stop being a rude That ugly play a guitar I play better than you And why I have 12 years Theres never not not nuttin You've got to be kitten me Take it off spar me the aganee So irrespectufull Laughing like a PAYCHO Just goses to show you there are angles This video sucks docks U r clover There arguments are exactly the same as each overs Sprain my angle This was amassing Your so artist Cangran you lashans I cannot remember how look the sunshine He's hot he's driving he's raping he's mine My internet turns off at 11easter Obama is a lier and horrible polices That's f***ing grouse! Someone looks like sleepy My dad is like that and he has diet beidies Your grammar sucks so much! And your English is so bad, and it's making me so saaad. Your grammar sucks so muuuch! Hey haters, don't be jelly a pretty and nice girl like justine are better than you. Just letting you know I m surprised ur parents didn't banned you from watching ijustine cuz your so ugly. Peace. I like the toby that dose not cuse I'm sorry to say but ur pic r gruse My heart skipped a beet. Do you know how to write music sheet? If you dislicked this video I dislick you And that one person that dislike this viedo is screw Humans were aps once Guys it was just a though Ok, but takes his coat get old U guise are creapers You cat is so cleaver I love Selena nut I dont like Justin Bieber You sunk so bad I hat you I like the way he mastribute Your grammar sucks, and I am ferocious Your spelling's atrocious Your grammar sucks We gotta make it right Let's fix it tonight I member I was in a farm nd it was a private propety So I ran the guy said yu little fukers wait for te cops so I run homie Goes the other way I jump into someones bakyard dogs chase me I kik it nd the cops came nd they said what yu doin I said just wakin home. Conjaculations! Age really doesn't madder As long as she ain't lookin like she baby or somethin As long as she look like she the ready She the ready She the ready As long as she look like she the ready She the ready She the ready As long as she look like she the ready Such a surprising Im c rieing I died of laugh Are to lebzion? Jacepot! I really not an heater So funny, but so beautifull either! Races much. I lobe your insides! Airsoft so stupid u can like lose eyes They should be baned everywhere We came. We saw. We concurred. This Christmas I Wanna give you my heart. But not if you can't tell rapping and raping apart So brush on your grammar Cause that's a damn good time Scarved for life When do you gonna drive? Cool! I started raping when I was about 5 You look like u pergo Tose pepes are gay Cookie master, I am holidays! (Oh Olga!) That's wut he gets for rapping boys Oh my god that is just hulariouse Women are hatters Please don't be racialist I'm gonna shirt bricks I'm that exited Im da type that if im walkin past And I see aman beatin on a women imma stop it And dgaf if I would go to jail I mean u gonna hit some one hit some one yo own way I mean I aint never hit a girl not even my lil sister And I never will cuz that proves imma real man U can lagh cuz I got ruspect for girl its ok Its what ever dro Thumps up Tums upp Why are everyone dieing I have goss bumps Was he seriously can't make an intro like don't Young rapers take notes Finally done raping gift for my family Are you gay man that is not fanny I am speakless, just awersome I don't think you understand the massage of the song You're never makin' any sense Cause you never read your own comments Never used a dictionary once Cause your grammar sucks You never think it's serious When you never use a period Never studied Enlgish 101 Cause your grammar sucks Suiside is the cowords wat out I just watched 2012 laughing my ass out Blond of idiotic and loser of human faith I've been reading all morning so far it's been Greg Oh my god I can hear raping paper I was good til the kid started raping I woped ur ass wile raping on a dime Who ever dont like this song most be out of there damn mine Thumps and copy past in every This is the best song every Help me clean up YouTube If you see a bad, bad comment, take a screencap of it Help me clean up YouTube (Your grammar sucks so much)

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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