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Minecraft its no time-lapse I spend week after week but my times strapped I construct the building that I'm layin' in

Brick by brick it's cavin' in The creeper is near I can hear the explosion Rattle the structure foundation eroding Diamond swords just turn to rust The mobs swarmin' in I gotta taste of dust Survival of the fittest Isle of the wicked Gotta stay proficient I will not be ended Enderman imminent Patiently waiting For me to slip up And make peace with the eyes I am the sky I am the haze I am the biome give life from my rays I am the sky I am the haze I am the biome give life from my rays They will never phase me Pickaxe will send me to heaven I'm building building never stopping 'til I get it I'm in it to win it killin' 'em hitting em I don't think they know who I am Came from the Nether Arose from the grave they will know my name They will know my pain, when I end the game Cannot be contained, I sip a splash, I unleash the wrath I've ascended and I'm never going back

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