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I see the armies upon a great plain I know we won't fight this battle in vain I feel the fire that's burning to ashes

My heart from within THe rage is boiling as water on fire Soon it will swamp setting free all desires And then our voices will be united In one battle scream The banners flutter above our heads And blood has painted the weapon in red Our swords and helmets are playing By bright goldren fires reflections of sun Distorted faces with terrible eyes The husky voices are screaming warcry The plain is trembling with the clatter of hooves The battles begun Rage fills my heart, smoke clouds my eyes I never will surrender None will betray, none will give in Life is the battlefield Unequal forces in favour of them Now I can see the loss of our van But we can't stop 'cause the failure Is meaning the death for us all We won't surrender, we'll never submit We'll never let them bring up our kids We'll win or die and our sons will be Proud of us if we fall We cannot lose, we have to survive We must return to our sons and our wives And they will welcome the conquerors With smiles and tears in their eyes It'll be tomorrow but fight is today And now we have to get our way To feel the freedom, to hear foliage rustle To see the sunrise

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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