LetraHey Dad, I'm an Anarchist

Evan Greer

Última atualização em: 25 de Julho de 2017
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Do you remember naptimes how we'd lay down on that big old bed Just above the covers in the house we used to live in And you'd been at work all day and so you were tired

So you never really noticed when i'd slip down to the floor With tiny feet unsure But steadied by the carpet fibers between my toes I'd stumble to the door, peak my head and go You woke up twelve years later and i was vandalizing signs For luxury condominiums and politicians without spines The next thing that you know i am calling you from jail You know i would have loved you anyway if you hadn't post my bail But i'm not sure if you realize all the tears that fell from my eyes When you told me it was worthless those three days i spent in hell And thought i knew that you were wrong And though i proved it in a song You made me feel weak when i needed to feel strong You made me wonder if it was really just a game all along? And i know it would make you happy if i'd just focus on my degree Put down my guitar and give up anarchy Come home every summer play the way other kids play Be happy getting' drunk each night and waitin' tables every day But hey dad, i'm an anarchist It's not a phase and it's not a disease And though my hands are worn for my age Would you still hold one of them please? I just want you to know that i love you And i want you to love me too Right now i'm not sure where home is But i'm sure there's room there for you I want the same thing as every other homesick patched-up kid in this crowd I want my dad to look at me I want him to be proud

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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