LetraBallad of Tundra

Evan Greer

Última atualização em: 25 de Julho de 2017
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#together against coronavirus

The snow came drilling down And it drove me from the riverside Running ragged towards the train yard

To catch a freighter home. My fingers felt frost The icy wind drew water from my eyes The rails were slick with winter The cold clawed at my bones. My words came out in clouds As I called to a brakeman Do any trains go east? I said He pointed to the sky. My son, he said, just look up there The clouds look the same everywhere And they'll follow you anywhere That you can hop a train. So I will point you east, my son But your journey will not be done When you return to the city That you call your home. I know that you're a wandering And looking for the words to sing But the melody of liberty Is written in your bones. The man's words echoed in my head I followed where his finger led Climbed into an empty boxcar Slammed the door against the cold. The wind whipped through the creaking boards And sang a song without no words But soon above its moans i heard A voice clear and strong. No i was not alone at all Sitting there against the wall A girl with eyes of emerald flame And a traveler's well-worn hands. Come here, she said, and sit by me We are one and the same, you see? And please don't say a word Because i already understand. Away! away! Where has she gone? Another train today Tomorrow in another drifter's song. The freight train it thundered on As time marched into the dawn Her eyes told me her stories And her lips told me the rest. Our dreams developed undefined Amidst our bodies intertwined As the icy world outside Melted into memory. It was just as cold back east When i got off of the train I held her close and asked her If we would ever meet again She was lookin' o'er my shoulder At something far away Her voice came from somewhere distant As she said, 'on another train someday.' A love affair is always Far shorter than the memory And as i walked away from her The snow it turned to rain I looked up to the sky As i headed for the interstate The clouds of course had followed me And they looked just the same. Long years i have waited Going often to the train-tracks But the memories are fading And i never once saw her again. But let no one say that love is a fairytale There's warmth in a boxcar Or a letter from a friend. Believe me for i have seen The borders of humanity The fires of our sanity Will burn our long past the end. Away! away! Where have i gone? Another train today Tomorrow in another drifter's song Tomorrow in another drifter's song.

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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