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Dragon Ball GT

Última atualização em: 19 de julho de 2021
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Bit by bit, I′m falling under your spell Your smile's all I need to see to know we′ll Leave this endless darkness, saying, "Come along with me!" Hold my hand Back when you first came into my life, I recalled a place that I knew as a child: a special place, one that I held close to my heart Won't you lead me in a dance down this winding road, Where light and shadow entwine to take hold of the thoughts of the one left far behind? Know that sometimes, I want to turn around and see the things that I've passed on the journey, But know with love on my side, with courage and pride, I′ll fight; I will carry on Bit by bit, I′m falling under your charm You'll keep me and all the world far from harm Bring hope to everyone; take in your hands eternity Even when it seems that I don′t need you, Just know that I am in love; can't wait to Leave this endless darkness. Won′t you come along with me? Hold my hand

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