LetraPlants vs. Zombies

Dan Bull

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Hey, what′s happening, Z? What's that, you′re battling me? Well actually

You're about to meet my Gatling Pea I send you back to sleep; You can come and take a dirt nap with me You must be low on chloroplasts Because your raps are weak I'm causing a solar eclipse For the whole of your clique So nobody′s growing an inch ′Til I roll over you: Pins You've got all the greens, roots, and pea shooters So it′s kind of ironic that your efforts seem fruitless We're Zombies! Yeah, you better be very scared of us Because, just for you, we′re temporarily vegetarians Yeah but comparing plants vs zombies Is apples and oranges... That's cos we′re opposites: Capitalists and Communists- -Capulets and Montagues Come on, just be honest, dude! You can't do half the practical shit that Monty Don could do I'm the sweetest glucose producer The yonkers of conkers Odd Fuschia Bring your whole ground force I mow down foes True to my roots, so don′t doubt I won′t go down low Oh, Wow, Whoa! The grass is always greener Don't doubt, yo! My raps is always meaner Baseball star wth my face all scarred I will raid your garden and take your car- And by car I mean brains But brains didn′t rhyme That's why I said that I would take your car Mate, I′m a Gar... ...Gantuar Really? I was thinking what a wanker you are (Hey!) Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! (Seriously, Zombies are the best) Hit you with mushrooms Pow! Leave a mushroom cloud That's one fewer task that I must do now Feel the flower power of my Power Flower Our powers combined will keep you routed for hours The Jack Bauer of flowers Attack towers, I′ll clout you! I smack cowboys and doubters Pirates and parrots Keep them out of my house! Raa! Ha haha ha! Man, I laugh at your ballads Hmm, what's on the menu? I think I'm having a salad Traverse your Astroturf ′Til the dirt is a path and I′ll prove I'm the top rapper in the Popcap back catalogue, Dude (Yay!) When you all attacked I′d have thought you must be insane If it weren't for the mutual lack of a functioning brain It ain′t wise to go against the grain I'm a thorn in your side causing no end of pain It′s a joke you think your flowers are powerful (Ha Ha) You know the Tower Defence I know the Tau of War (Whoa!) That's a lie, that's a lie You′re just cadavers in morgues But you could even be defeated by a shambling corpse (Ooohh) Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! (Ooohh) Call me a bonehead Cause you can see the bone in my head Call me a Cone Head Because I put a cone on my head (Yeah) I don′t need to be clever My lines are so nice, check it URRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH We're kind of concise And I′m not entirely sure Why there are hordes of violent corpses At the side of the lawn either But we are inclined to use force Well I'd say that you brainless failures Were a pain in the anus But that ain′t the way that I do away with my waste, cuz If you ain't hearing this I make you face my acespearagus There ain′t a way that I can make it clearer than this: Liches should know I ditch the bitches and hoes For ditches and hoes And so I'm soaking you pricks with my hose HA! I'll murderize you You′re in deep shit now: Fertilizer I′ll chow down on your hard fiber into my carcass Cause it's harvest time and I′m the combine harvester Nah, man, I'm sick, bruh Fam, I spit bars Like Alan Titchmarsh If he had a kid with Rick Ross Me, I′m boasting on bumping beats 'Bout roasting you punks like pumpkin seeds Me? Hard Nut You? Bars suck! Plants? Champs Zombies Hard luck Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! (Don′t forget the Zombies) Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! (Yeah, Zombies, Woo!) Zombies! Plants vs Zombies! (UUUUUGHHHHHHHHHH)

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