LetraRoll Another


Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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Hello motherfucker, hey, hi, here's a greeting Push your shit back like your hairline is receding Girlfriend called me, I hung up like "listen, I am in a meeting"

Bitch, my peas aren't black eyed but listen I gotta feeling I'm the shit Fuck you really babbling Chickies try to pick 50 to ride up on this magic stick Whole clique looking like, like a bunch of almost graduates Because we almost graduated Dropped out, became rappers baby Hold up, Amanda called me ugly in the 7th grade After that I wrote a lot, ain't put the pen away Grinded enough to be the superstar I need to be Years later that chick showed up at my meet and greet Hello bitch, bitch, bitch, look how big my dick has grown Know I say real shit, real shit, never spit that silicone Reign of terror, hold the thunder Bad bitch here, I know I'll fuck her I don't smoke but we got weed So hold up homie, roll another Roll another Baddest in the room, asses and the boobs All up in my vision, cause we made these fuckers listen And we all about each other, run and tell your mother We got drink, got food, got weed on deck, hold up man, roll another Roll another No role model, don't call me that I ain't even made it yet, they begging for the old me back Got a bunch of tats, had some sex and they said, "holy crap" You changed man, you're different, I'm like, "these haters won't hold me back" Ross fat, that's a goal now homie Maybe cop another crib in SoCal homie Where the bitches wear jean shorts every single day Fuck it every single way, where it usually doesn't rain But I gotta keep it real like a real one do Real one too with a real one crew Mind real old, but I'm real one new All these women never looking at what real ones do These girls wanna talk about, "I really need a man" Then I comment playing nice guy like, "ay girl come take my hand" Then they see the chicks that follow me up on my Instagram And be like, "you give all these girls attention. What makes me different, different, different?" Setbacks to loving ass and titties Got a lot of cuts but chicks don't wanna be bandaging me One hundred problems cause I added a bitch Man these chicks try to control a brother Hold up man, roll another Real shit, real shit, yeah, look I was at the BET Awards, treated like garbage Lowest point of life for me, I felt the need to forfeit Like maybe I should just do videos and make some clothing Fuck the negatives in life, I don't need nobody telling me That what I do ain't right, I don't need all of that energy Danny got my back and I know Scena got me heavily What you smoking, homie? Cause my clique just copped some better weed You tryna be Drake, be original kid It's the sound of my city, like ho, we live in the 6 But the industry don't get it, these Brampton kids stay hating This my city till I die, 905 I ain't ashamed This year I ain't gon' play around Shout to all the chicks that said that they would stay around I gave them some attention, now they act like they don't know a brother Little stress, these bitches' mess, hold up man, roll another Roll another

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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