LetraNo Sheath No Holster

Charles Enero

Última atualização em: 22 de julho de 2017
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Sun up and shinin', snooze the clock Bout four five times, couldn't sleep oh Wink,

Where the sandman at, my nerves gonna scared the sandman back There's a part that wishes to reverse the clock, to rework these songs to rehearse some more, Nah, Butterflies in my gut, guess it's all just pre-game jitters; bet even the greatest feel this way'fore every big show - ask Michael, Phelps, Schumacher, Tyson and Jordan, Jackson; Back then, backstage; Hah, cause' even the apostles lacked faith, On bad days on bad break, cannot remember own back with the fan base; Grizzle Grind Crew my family, making me believe I can't fail; Ah, got 10K hours, today's the first to the 10K hours; feelin' like 10 to the 10k power, 10 outta 10K since eight hour; 10 outta 10 shake like the cover, can't be attack too intense to prada, 10 to the 10 them game with fouls; tempted can't throw in the tower; Uh, It's yet to know, you just spend your whole life in this show, and never get a call back, fall back asking yourself to the other right turn back; Uh, 99 percent of us spend the last breath without achieving, dreams decieve in a child like mine; one world roar so own that evening; Uh, Might need that one percent, man i just need that one percent; chance turn my faith i deserve my place it's showtime, let's go

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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