Capital STEEZ

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You mean to tell me that this is not music I could fucks with this, I could fucks with this [Verse 1]

It's the mystic, materialistic misfit child of the imperial empress Ever since birds flew, I been spitting this wittiness It should be considered a sickness Can you blame him for making an engravement And leaving the game the same way that he came in Say that we came this far from cavemen How hard could it be to spark fire with a drumstick If the flows that I'm spitting are far-fetched Ima' kick it regardless, they listen to nonsense Digressive korrupt recreation in progress No question if they raise they arms yet So tell me can you smell that funk? Got nothing but blunts and Mami with the junk in trunk ProEra be the troublesome bunch And they going remember that name in a couple of months I got it locked on the indigo ribbon Feel the rhythm as it's swimming out your stereo system And Ima' keep on runnin' with it Yea I got soul, I was brought up by colored women [Hook x2] I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I don't think they comprehend Said Chicago's the game and I'm all for the win So tell me if it's bongs or hemp [Hook x4] [Verse 2] The jazzy ambiance keeps me right where I belong Ever since infinity and beyond Lyricism isn't appreciated in song And I won't dumb it down just to be business smart Your beats cool but it isn't from the heart And of course, your bars just don't require thought You hear the lions roar every time I perform A Deviant, Defiant to the lies of the art My goal is to try to bring light to the dark High voltage like lightning, I spark Vanish, living in the eye of the storm In a sense it's gone but my mind isn't lost In reality, vanity is our sanity Then we lose sight when we're trapped in sanity Think about the two "I's" In Insanity And read between the lines, it's more to it actually [Hook x2] [Hook x4]

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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