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Bound for Attack

Última atualização em: 25 de julho de 2017
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All hail Sound of the bells as history unfolds There's battles ahead that lie unfortold

Assemble now quickly the crusaders of the light For blessed are the with the courage and the might With a heart of fire and a will of steel Before your sword you enemy shall kneel Duty calls to halt the alien invader Let them feel the wrath of the teutonic crusader Chorus: Conditions were rough and their journey was long But for the sake of our blood they battled on! All hail! The mighty warriors, All hail! and never forget All hail! The mighty warriors, long live the racial patriots! Junges soldat, kampfen hand zu hand (Zu vernichten kommunismus fá¼r deine Vaterland Du verdient der Eisenkreuz Du bist die Arische Krieger In deinen Volk du bist stolz)? Deine Rasse ist dein Reich, dein Rasse ist rein Und zu dein Volk, sein Hertze ist auf immer sein Sieg Heil! Machtig Krieger, Sieg Heil! Vergessen sie nicht Sieg Heil! Machtig Krieger, lang leben der Nationalsocialist! Men in camuflage in their firing range Sick of the system, it's time for a change A pact is formed, the declaration is read A future must be secured for our kindred Duty now calls for the men of the Order For our race calls for a civil disorder These are the men who fought for our destiny Let's make the 14 words a reality!

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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