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Bobby Big Breeze, YGB

Última atualização em: 11 de setembro de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

So i started to think This word democracy Democracy

Crazy Demo Demonstration of craze Crazy demonstration Then i went a little bit serious Cause i know that people will laugh at that When they hear that Now i went a bit serious Say come If its not crazy Why that in africa As time goes forward Things getting worse Poor man they cry Rich man they vex Will it be possible to buy garri for 5 bucks Or to smoke weed without cops chasing us They taken more from us Yet they want more from us I day para deep down men ma head they touch Why i no go reason wake enter over seas When everything i see stays at it is I paid attention Yet i can't stand at ease Omo my mind day hot And my blood dey freeze The street is military where you gonna find peace Book haram menace is the order of the day Evil men still dey excell in their evil ways Still on still man must chop anyway If any way na any way so which way uhhh If anyway na anyway so which way There can never be a military rule in Britain or America NEVER They will not accept it Because in their culture They know that the soldier has his place in the society And everybody Understands that Now they bring the same culture to my people And the soldiers are now ruling Many African countries And, America and Britain makes total business with these governments But these governments cannot be legal governments Because they are Military Governments Which they cannot accept in their countries Soldier cannot be feared Err day men i wake up to the same shit Same Niggas still hanging on the same street Same chicks the only beef is they got Aids Unemployed graduates they end up smoking trees Low income to the force so they become chiefs Bad health facilities so we use leaves Corrupt leaders still sending money over seas They want to fight in every war yet they talk peace Young fine boy work na to carry gun If him no carry gun him dey for cafe day bomb Fine girlsniko... msteeeeeeew Prostitution For night her office na for along allen junction Still on the same page Still on the same phase Going no where we stuck in the same place Its true we need change but how can that be When everyone is corrupt as you and i no be lie With what we were taught in school somebody was thinking of How he wanted to be african or not They just accepted that they are english and everybody that went to England Was to study for his masters you know Any body that wants to go to england And come back to be master you know u know so I never thought about it Been African as such u know, so It didn't mean anything to me Until much later in my life Was in england i started to feel the awarenesses of having to be an african Because, the first time i came to England i started to feel Oh wow! So these white people don't like us too much Long live the idol may there never be a rival Bob Marley was like Jesus Fela Wrote the bible And what you jus heard is the tale of freedom How the white under developed the african kingdom

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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