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Última atualização em: 15 de Maio de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Said I'm zooted (I get higher than a kite) Said I'm zooted

Said I'm zooted I get higher than a kite I'm 'bout to take flight I know that I'm right I get higher than a kite I'm 'bout to take flight I know that I'm right E-E-Even when I'm wrong She think that I be so wrong But I be so right Cause in my heart I just know That I'm always right, I don't like That she wanna take my life from me YB's they'll catch life for me I tell her don't lie to me Told her one time you lie to me Then you gotta say bye to me I told her her no wifing I tell her I like to be, kinda (What) With variegated women on a different day Of the week cause you know These Lo's wanna catch a ride to space She wanna fuck me, whoa I told her no, not today Cause my hoe right here She just might get mad at me Cause I be having so many little bitty's Talking 'bout how beating the kitty She wanna come and just get with me Cause I be so fitted She said that Fendi is her type clothing I said that ksubi is my type of jean I'm like how 'bout you go and just get some doe She like naw I'm good Cause you be having all the rolls I'm like hold up, wait Then I can't fuck with you, whoa I need a bad bih Who be on her money goals Money rolling type of doe Type of time that I be on I just wanna know Is you rolling that's fa sho I got blickys, I got poles I put that price on top of your dome And your dome is just no more I don't cap, no I don't whoa, whoa, whoa Right, not a thing I just do my thing inside the booth And then I leave Kinda how I did your boo, yea, uh Last week, but it's a new week So I am next week Type of time thinkin' I'm on my drinkin' Type of sip leanin' Out the big bag And you know she wanna smoke my nugs So she cannot, um, have that I'm like, bitch, I'm going nuts When I get all these rick racks Yeah them big cash Yeah them big cash Type of dividends that I'm needin' And if you not with it-it then You can just get, you can kick bricks Cause I don't want no Slimy little bitch and yeah that's fa sho I-I-I know that she really wanna come roll With a nigga that's just been getting doe

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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