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#together against coronavirus

I don't got a pencil or pen in this bookbag Added like ten to the clip 'cause it look bad Don't give a fuck if you pissed, nigga, get mad

Or you can bitch and get killed with your bitch ass Lil' bro got blood on his shirt with his Crip ass Go write a diss and get murked, don't do shit ass Bitch, I'm a star, I might burst with my stiff ass Hop out the car like, "Who want it? Who with that?" I don't know nothin', I was gone when they did that Bandana wrapped where my chrome and my wig at If he want beef, hit his home with a Big Mac Niggas be breaking the code like a Kit-Kat Runnin' your mouth like a ho get you bitch-slapped (Talk too much) Actin' too tough get your bitch wrapped up (Goofy ass) I can make four blunts out a bitch like, "Huh?" I'm rollin' Backwoods, what the fuck is a dutch? And my coupe automatic like fuck is a clutch? And you still rocking PacSun, boy, you a bum Could've bought a new gun, what I spent on my charm I get cheese by the pound, this is not Parmesan I'm smoking broccoli, countin' up lettuce In love with the Glocky, think I got a fetish Kush in my pocket, this shit hella smelly Little Caesars my Glock, keep that bitch hot and ready Finna be summer, go pull out the shirts And go pull out the shovels and water the dirt Niggas been so-called lookin' for me 'Fore I half on a nigga, I'm poppin' him first If you my bitch, then you gotta be pretty and with it Like, "Bae, put the Glock in your purse" Fuck up your life like some crack or a curse Got a bitch with a pipe in the back of the vert Thinking shit sweet could turn matters to worse Go from Cadillac trucks to a Cadillac hearse Act like you poppin', get popped like a Perc' Front like he got it, we rob him, that's merch Go through his wallet and all of his merch Fuck what you call it, I call it some work And I'm constantly balling like Caris LeVert I ain't fuckin' her raw even off of this Perc'

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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