Ananyajiva, Karamveer

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#together against coronavirus

I feel no good in hearing I might extirpate, yeah It's a warning sign for you

Before we eradicate y'all Thinking stupid to meet The caliber of the greats, yeah Rap game is never yours We put this barricade on ya A mumble rapper Has a habit to turn rap into a sucking Inhibiting rhymes and poems Reminding me the times When I used to cry and go home But rhyming is divine So you can not fight with God Light up your pot AJ calling, I ain't picking the phone 'Cause y'all be dead When I pick up a pen And write this song Sucking all the dicks Man you need mint to get your ass in the zone Half of the world's going down I'm gaining laughs and grudges You packing clips in your bag And acting like you Drake But you're nothin' I'm dissing people everyday 'cause I know that shit worth it Gaffe to a perfect Alone like a calf in the ocean After I dismantle your ass and pass to my brother You frog, the Kermit? A snitch, so you probably a serpent Go to mama and cry And quit rap you vermin Yo Daniel gotta a fanny pack With lady dress and a faded past Degrading habits Like Patrick CC tryna explain The mumble rap shit Eh, 13k can't tell If those funny faces are real Colored hair or braided Or shave ya head and buy a car Like you're Vin Diesel You're thrift shop Ludacris More like sims help her Cardi B with auto-tune please somebody help her And those guys with "lil" prefix, they can't handle They counting syllable I've been spitting Iike I am vandal, entangled Gonna kill in the same manner Like SAW did in 8 parts I feel no good in hearing I might extirpate, yeah It's a warning sign for you Before we eradicate y'all Thinking stupid to meet The caliber of the greats, yeah Rap game is never yours We put this barricade on ya (Let's go) Lyrical shenanigans, copying young Travis then All of you manikins, the inorganic ones 'Cause y'all machines and ain't rapping sons No different styles, smoking perp and jacking on The picture of Lil Yachty and 21 Savage though Look at my automatic flow Waka Flow can suck my dick, it ain't tragic ho It's like Quavo, learn how to smack a girl And adapt a tune It's a fantastic warmth, in fact it cause My cigar to bulb So Cardi B can sit and have a blow (haha) Michelangelo, see my hammer blow As I cement my name in a Slim manner so I get my acid load in alpha gamma form I don't need you talking shit 'cause if you think you're rocking it Then sock it in your fucking eye Before I come front boxing it (speed) It's a therapy and it's dangerous Don't ya anger us, we'll bankrupt you in a minute If you mess with us, exchangeable For better ones, it includes you too Emiway and the gang of Uranians (unleash the beast) I'ma turn you now in corpse Button zip your pants up it ain't revolt Smoking journalist can't even show The fucking balls at the awards Can't even hold up right I'll give three tips to ya so now you absorb When I come to aggressive rhyming With impressive timing And my expressive writing That reminds me that I'm assigning Your arse to dying 'Cause your music ain't inspiring, don't get Earl to write for you That's finding gold like Cole the miner And I'm so tired of you yanking five things How could it be exciting combining a Couple of lines that don't even rhyme? And Those mime things you do (oh) while you driving? Do the linings, off for flying, just whining Stop crying sucker, I can't hear words I mean better get richer or just die trying It ain't surprising you wear those diamonds 'Cause kid like things that are shining And it reminds me that I'm cold finely (icy) And I ain't signing off anytime soon so Now double time when I rhyme this bitch Like Eric Wright (eaze) Now the cases of faces ain't naked I Jason their wasted traces of (rap) Educate some basics like using Phrases instead of faeces and naked Vegas Girls tasteless and you phases Abrasive like Lil Tracy on bennies Nil words on pages good gracious Don't agitate, here is your saviour Who stares the death in its face With so much of vigour Hold up man stop

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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