LetraAll For You

Alex Band

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Última atualização em: 21 de julho de 2017
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Lightning struck electric love Knock me off my feet I′m drunk Never knew that it could feel this good

'Till I found you A key to fit this rusted lock You started up my heart that stopped Now every single thing I do I do it all for you All for You... All for you... Long before the sand of time I was yours and you were mine Every star was made to shine Shine all for you Day by day my love it grows A twisted thorn upon your rose One among the many who thinks they′re The one you chose I wish it was like on tv I manipulate reality Well, then maybe you'll finally see I do it all for you Love will come and love will go away From the brightest color into shade of gray I will aways be waiting for the day For the day...

Nenhuma tradução disponívelNenhuma tradução disponível
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