Biser Veselinov submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct?
#together against coronavirus

Voices Lyrics: Bisser Screaming voices in my head Insanity makes me feel tired and dead What will come another day? Nobody can ever say Walls comes crashing down My mind is moving, and don t know how Do I think theres things to come? But nothing s left, all is gone I feeling nothing But nothing is real Like speeding train passing my life Passangers stops me But my heart don t recognise no one Who can stand by my side Every night I see visions And it s hard to make dicisions What is true or false Behind those depressive walls Walls comes crushing down My minds are moving, and don t know how Am I think for the things to come? But nothing s left, all it s gone I still search in my bored life I am still trying to fight I still trying to get, get the best of me Voices - they are calling me

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