LyricsKick It With Me

Zach Clayton

Last update on: June 21, 2022
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This girl I was chillin When she caught my eye My boy look at me Like "wow she fly" He hit me on the shoulder Like "there you go" Theres a cute little Things that available And i was like "Nah i′m cool" He said "Bed 20 You won't make that move" And i′m no chump So I proceed to go Said "excuse me Why you so beutiful?" Can you belive She walked away I said "sorry girl I should've asked you're name" She rolled her eyes Then she replied "Tell me yours And I"ll tell you mine" "The name is Zach Clayton And if you ain′t taken I′d love to have your number If you don't mind hanging" And whem I hit her up The other day Guess what she had The never to say Say she don′t wanna Be my girlfriend That's okay with me Girl you ain′t got to Be my girlfriend to Kick it with me

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Synced byBesa Mwape
Translated byputri r

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