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Yung Ralph

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I kick it with the og's And listen to the oldies I work so hard

I think I deserve a trophy I work hard I work hard I work hard I work hard I work hard I work hard I work hard I work hard In 1982 my mama had her first child My daddy left her before I learned how to crawl It was hard Yea she struggled Tracy Thomas (Tracy Thomas) Definition of a mother She had me too more brothers And a little sister Two more cousins that stayed wit us Five aunts and a uncle Lotta sweet Grandma Pools in the winter Family reunion in summer Times got better When the work came in Started rollin' up the long way When the purp came in My name Yung Ralph For the ones that don't know me This all for my cousins, every hood, and my homies Fisrt day, 9th grade Couldn't wait to go to school New hat, new shirt, new pants, new shoes Me, Bayo, Big Jay and Mon act a fool I didn't worry bout the Bee my nigga Pool had the booze Found a connect It was in the South Ever since then man I never seen a drought Fat head had bag A whole case of blunts Smoked a whole lot of refeer Neck like a chandelier Wrist like a lamp Money maker, stayed down Yea I loved my camp A lot of haters mad They didn't know about the movement Until the seen me in the 5-50 just crusin' These haters smile in ya face Talk behind yo back But they never tell you That Raplh got a sack Had to shake them haters off Man they was all on me A whole lot of... Imposters, and phonies Kick it wit the og's And listen to the oldies Down to earth, rich rapper Ask whoeva know me I lie a little, make mistakes I ain't perfect No matter what I get I'ma still eat church's Why you think the og's and grown folks feel it Grew up being broke so I'm careful wit my money Goe advice and businesses And I thank Big Tommy

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