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Young Thug, MPA Duke

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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- Young Thug] Thugga I-I-I really love my F A N S

You know what I'm saying brodee? I appreciate those people, you know what I'm saying bro? They want a parade, yeah I won't sell no yay, I won't own saran I won't live my life, I won't make no plans Stand up on that stage, I love all my fans Mama say hooray, everyone clap your hands Clap your motherfucking hands I just came straight from the bottom Young Thugga came straight up from nothing I know you think I owe you something I don't give no damns, you supposed to feel like that I got yellow diamonds, Imma peel like that Pull up to my show see all the peoples fall in love Salute all the DJ, they do this shit for Thug They know I came straight up from the floor just like a rug They know I smell like YSS[?] so they ready for a hug Hundred racks in my trousers, I'm grooving like I'm some power You knowing just not to touch me unless a Young Thug allow it I bless the bitch with allowance, you want packs I'm gonna file it Ever since I heard of Future I've been sneaking up at violence Baby I want to caress you (know why?) Every time I see you I'm gonna sex you (oh my god) Bitch [?] but I molest you I'm flash you It's a great blessing whenever I hit the stage I used to do this shit for free, but now I'm getting paid On my way to being king, so who's gon stop me Thinking of a master plan, who's on top? Me Whatever I get Imma give back to my hood homies And that's love, raising me in the hood homie (big ups) And all the clubs wall to wall, the fire marshall's out Nobody else did, it's all sold out Man, and they know I'm different, me and Thugga Thugga On my mama, that's my brother, we been rocking like a carpet On the way to the top floor, I'm serious, you can see it in my face When they shut the lights out the fans scream MPA YOU MIGHT ALSO ENJOY Recognize by PARTYNEXTDOOR Lifestyle by Rich Gang Ill Mind of Hopsin 7 by Hopsin Or Nah (Remix) by The Weeknd About Genius Jobs Contact us

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