Wu-Tang Clan

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(You know they're killers themselves, People die for them. You know, guys that I fooled with were killers themselves

Want it?, how you want it? stop that!, stop that!) These are the men who lead the crime families of America. I control 26, 000 men. Except for dope, we operate in all aspects of organized crime. And if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that drugs destroy your mind. And destroy your home. In the end it'll only lead our country into ruin) We eat fish, tossed salads and make rap ballads The biochemical slang lord'll throw the arrows in the dope fiend Vocal chords switch laser beams my triple sevens Broke the slot machines out in Queens, Grey Poupon is rebel on rap Smack on, swing like batons, most want niggas smoked like Hilshire Farms Check the gun we sew, underneath my shoe lies the tap That attract bow-legged bitches with wide horse gaps In steel mills iron he'll smoke the blow on Duns You run heroins, Primatine mist is afraid of my lungs Turn my channel, it'll blow your whole bench off the panel Like 80 roman candles that backfired then slammed you Every day is like a video shoot, check this shit I take you back to Playboy, stash guns and whips Picture afro, big shish-ka-bobs and daishikis 1000 civil marched blazed their fists in early sixties Now check this one, you must have been stupid to miss this one 'Donna shogunnin' flip a ton of fashion Destination be the cash when I step past one Don't make me blast one, I'm cold like Eskimo flow Cappadonna stay chillin' take shots of penicillin Clean out and let the steam out, she fiend to blow out But I'm equipped with mad white, Morris The Rap got nine lives I'll take a few hundred-thousand dollar dives And then I still never go down Until the last round I shine, When RZA do his thing motherfucker, I'ma do mine Now, where I come from cats be carryin' Marryin' drug money Fuck up your wife, get four to life, claim we handling Midtown niggers scramblin', moving examine the fly shit Plus quick to buy shit Chef, yeah, you know the whole gods Asterick, Fidel Castro suits plus depositin' cash rule big time Play it like Canadian wine, RZA 's the rhyme now, the sacredness of One's true mind Now let's get colorful like money green High roller coaster, Sosa, million dollar nigger roaster Yeah, GOD, be havin' my whole steez laced Now let's wrap our tapes, connect dots Aim Glocks train style, Figaro fly jewel Tri-color Cubans swerving we'll pow with Germans in Suburbans 24 niggas with vests's on, my own restaurant Dons sendin' my sons membership forms They still gettin' this paper scraper Fake haters from Jamaica, wizards be passing like Lakers And if you comin' from Lex, Lewis, Rich Liberace Fetus style and block your goals like hockey

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