LyricsI Don't Need No Drugs


Last update on: July 22, 2017
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I don't take no drugs La la la I don't need no drugs

La la la You shouldn't have taken that acid If you think that you should kill yourself, do that shit I'm just kiddin, you just trippin, I've been sipping So I'm into sitting round bullshitting I ain't thinking, 'bout no fricking problems I be drinking often, so I'm feeling awesome Till I'm in a coffin, whoa oh oh oh oh oh I sing like that Aerosmith dude He did cocaine and heroin too Whether Billie Holiday, or whoever the fuck Yeah, the music gets us high but it's never enough And I never w-was a fan of just plain reality Whether good or bad, I yearn for abnormality It's natural, ever came in a lady? You high for 5 seconds, then later comes a baby Do the math, it's built in us to want to get high So before I pass out let's sing a lullaby, like I tried to go the perfect route Quitting drugs, eating healthy and working out But it's never satisfactory My demons run after me, I slow down casually We sit down together and we have some tea They speak to me, they tell me how my life should be They're real persuasive, they fuck with me, they comfort me Tell me I'm only lonely when they don't keep me company Pick your fork in the road Both paved with portions of shit and portions of gold When I was still a young buck my fortune was told They said "Son as far as talent you have more than a fortune bestowed Upon you, now how you gon' use it? Will you be abusive or make beautiful music?" And under oath I quoth both I stay getting high like the population growth

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