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Wax, Wax, Dumbfoundead

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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All the fellas go ape shit, when I spit the boiling heat Plus I put it down for the ladies like a toilet seat I destroy the beat, the one that E created

Then we do a high five and get inebriated Big Wax and DFD, that's my name abbreviated These are rated R bars, all of y'alls are PG rated Elevated high like someone sprinkled us with pixie dust Catch us at a college town, sipping on a dixie cup Sick as fuck and unpredictable is how my vocal flow is Inspired by crazy trains of thought, I got locomotives I know you noticed that I flow the coldest When me and DFD team we easily steamroll opponents The soul of Otis and the heart of John Lennon Just a couple playboys with a flock of blonde women The South Korean James Dean, the Cuban Dean Martin Any human being starting shit is soon to be a target This ain't Batman and Robin It ain't Dolce and Gabanna This ain't Biden and Obama You should go and ask your momma for a clue Guess who This ain't Sherlock and Watson OJ and Johnnie Cochran Malone and John Stockton Holla if you got a problem with it too Guess who My verses all start proper Turn the hipster rapper to a Wal-Mart shopper You ain't fresh, you're from concentrate And the thought of quitting rapping is one that you need to contemplate We rock the place and leave the ceiling collapsing Any party that we throw you know it's finna be cracking All you rappers biting styles and identity jacking There's like ten of mes and ten of these Waxes I leave enemies mentally trapped in states of fear and self-loathing Feeling so small they could probably fit in elf clothing As for me, I'm a gigantic man That'll rock it til the death like the Titanic band Wearing bright hammer pants you couldn't touch this kind of ruckus We're the type of mother fuckers throwing punches at your function Chewing up these rappers like some double mint gum Spending hundreds at a strip club using government funds With whack mother fuckers I just don't associate I ain't mad at 'em I just hope they don't procreate They gets no love, only hate Then like a kobe steak, they get slowly ate Check the trophy case, you can tell we never lose Our videos get box office numbers, you get several views Ebenezer Scrooge money, racking up the revenue All we got is headbangers, like them heavy metal dudes You need to tell whoever's revving you up they need to pump the brakes You couldn't spit my ad libs in five hundred takes Don't beat yourself up, we all make dumb mistakes You just make more than anybody else fucking makes The guys that you love to hate, puffing dank, purple drink Type to party hard the night before another working day The dynamic duo, better act like you know Two mother fuckers ranked numero uno

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