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It's four-thirty in Eastern time where I'm at, shorty In the A.M., I'm sayin' though, where you at, shorty? I'm happy without but got my doubts, shorty

Like, like if my currency dry out, would you be out thirsty? Would your mind want me, like your soul want me? When I go down on you, I drown for quarter centuries You a whole globe, you a whole earth And I'm a troubled millionaire that fears you know your worth Absence makes the heart grow fonder so we ponder on the things we gon' do when distance ain't a problem Our intentions, they was honest We was cordial, we was talkin' We was hidin', there was no one, it was lyin', it was fuckin' Foreplay with your body divided Now it's full head kisses before my flight departed They showed me the feelings, about to play with that Three days away, three hours back, hold on (Can't be without you baby, I need to know now) Ain't got no voice Where my phone? You got my phone? She called me, hold on now (You have reach the voicemail box) Hold up Just got off the stage, know you sleepin', but wait Just lost my voice for this crowd I only seen your face in everywhere, but these women real as a fairy tale Can barely talk but you hear my line, I'ma hear you well I need that vibe from you 'cause spendin' time on this bus take the power from my brain In-between your thighs they should rest We alive, we in love, we can die if we don't If monogamy you want then shit your time will pull up I'm just playin', just need you know I'm lonely Green Tea, Ricola and honey, gold We missin' each other more so we horny or don't speak Three hours apart, cool, two days and you seein' me My vocals is now shot, call up doctor steroid me We cortisone 'til my quarter zone is back as your toy please I know you don't need nothin' but what I got Two days away, three hours back, goodnight (Baby without you, baby) We one tomorrow away from celebratin' that that very tomorrow's the day (Not even for one hour) I know it's late but I'mma hit you later (And so I been thinkn' lately) (Of bein' with you for all times) I'm on the way, you know Once you know my voice back 'Cause see like a hunnid forevers plus a day since I last seen the livin' embodiment of my forever Face to face and I might just inject your body with knowledge Your body with style, you'll be flyin' to Rox Brown Okay, I'm lyin', nobody flyin' to Rox I might just get in a half squat position and proposition you with a shiny rock under an open box so the onlookers can understand that we all officia L We all just kids lookin' for the first love we ever injected So whenever I'm never next to you, I never look to the next woman even on her best moment to bestowed A stove you kept warm for me, as I kept distance you kept cookin' Sugar, we went from three days and three hours 'til we two days and three hours to, "girl he think he dirty, his love all, he walkin' down the street writin' poetry to make the between yo' knees feel like you need balance" And I see you a lot but I see you on camera so it seem like a lie when I say I need to see us together From three days to two days From two days to today From today to tonight From tonight to forever I'm up the street

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