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I told my friends that I won′t see them for an ill minute I got a dream, if they don't like it they can deal with it I′m on the scene

I'm getting cream But still trying to express my thoughts While I'm 18 feeling like I live in a box Playing xbox too long, these kids ain′t shit They fucked up, worse than if they even ate paint chips I see my friends going to college But it′s not to get they knowledge up They just trying to party, so I won't even acknowledge them These fucking coke heads Use to be the cool kid Class clown, athlete, now he′s selling dope man In high school you was the man homie You use to call everyone gay, you ain't a man homie You′re just a coward Sit and think about this shit for hours And it pissed me off so much, that i just got to take a shower Wiping off the situation, it ain't fair But this kids got money, so he ain′t sitting in jail Sometimes i think about my life in other people's eyes Will i survive, will i die, will i fucking cry I'm tearing up because this chord progression′s sad So fuck it I tear it up because I never sound bad I let my thoughts race on the page of my iPhone Ducking people′s texts who be wondering if I'm home Yea I′m here but what about the other day What about all the times I was before I saw LA Before I got the best deal that you ever heard of Just because a kid tried hard and kept his words up Posting shit on YouTube that was unheard of Now you're on my dick and you′re tryna pull your skirt up Well fuck off I don't need it, I don′t Someone I can talk to is what I need the most These people gassed you up so much so that you think you can boast And be a dick to your fans man I think I'm getting close Time in a bottle, shit I'm fucking alcoholic now I don′t need this rap shit I got my mom′s wallet now Hype building, the limelight's ceiling is closing in Feeling like I might just kill this Being a star is a gift and a curse, but fuck it It′s getting better even if it gets worse First, smoke hurts when it's filling my lungs Got the car smoked up like I′m smelling a skunk I'm a felon, a punk 18, can dunk And got a mean 3-game so try me in 21 Hypochondriac, caz I think these verses sick People tried to sign me way before they even heard this shit Just the surface of a hot white kid Got the A&Rs nervous with the spotlight kid It′s all good You gotta play the game to win it Shit they don't even listen to the things I'm saying in this So I′m coming for their jobs caz I′m finna start a label too Shit you ain't a rapper they just dont know how to label you Who, me? I′m a motherfuckin genius Wu-tang money caz I'm all about the CREAM bitch Lame punch line to keep the underground happy Next i′ll be on tv doing the fucking laffy taffy I'm an athlete Never run a track meet But i pole vault to the top Why you mad at me Wooo I had to take a breath And when i almost died, man, i had to take a step I′m thinking bout my life in a whole new perspeck-(perspective) And they just thinking bout a fucking check It's fuckin sick I used to freak caz i knew i was the best But these other dudes had money so they sticking out they chest Now the tables turning caz I'm taking all their earnings And they know that i be better than the rest No stress Ok a little, but it′s cool if you manage it Got a team behind but it feels like I′m just managing I'm a mannequin Stuck in the same clothes But no one wants to sponsor a rapper who ain′t got hoes I write hits with my [??] peña Make em say yeah like a squiggly-over-n-ya If you don't get it yous a stupid motherfucker And I′m terrible with girls no cupid motherfucker And it's all in one take I don′t even check when i spit it We all self conscious, I'm just the second to admit it I feel safe when I'm writing a rap Something like FOX news when they twisting the facts Whats up

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