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Troy Ave

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They Checking for me cuz i got a check But i ain't wearing Nike likely I'm wearing a tec Bullets that make you (?) tell em to go in ya neck

Double X L so icy Gucci (?) in my steps I'm about to show you why i am the shit And then after i show you you'll be on my dick Cuz I'm that nigga but you don't know it yet Im just that nigga but you don't know it yet I be that Brooklyn nigga with the golden smile They ain't know me 09 bet they know me know George shorts and a white T fork in the white B Made more with the Pyrex then Givenchy Shop never close now hundred for O's If you buying 36 hoes sell for the low Im major without a deal I'm not these rap niggas My art imitates life and that's a fact nigga No respect for suckers who run they lips Then pick who they will and won't get tough with Anybody who play me, i fold em or shot em And i ain't got to get em cuz i already got em Sixteen with a Mac 11 Now you hearing my 16's on Hot 97 Young Harry Powder blooming like a Cocoa flower Hamper full of towels all the bitches took a shower Clean kills, Stan Smiths by the poolside Fireplace lit every day is Utah My presence a gift to my sexiest bitch Dog dressed light skin with devilish lips Stop blushing and show em i ain't fronting Take a Instragram with that nigga for no hustling Casino flow me and Mo playing roulette My life is a gamble whats a thousand dollar bet Pro chip the pound no fro willies around Double shots of crown royal losing me down We young niggas with grown money they all watch No hand i could throw cost more than my watch Watch me make moves dont wait for no niggas Started from the bottom I levitated on most niggas Hard work pays literally coke whipper Big body benz too I'm a fucking dope dealer nigga I"m about to show you why i am the shit And then after i show you'll be on my dick Cuz I'm that nigga but you don't know it yet I'm just that nigga but you don't know it yet Young Lito fresher then a new bar That six top just fold like a futon Flyer then Clark Kent when he got the suit gone Used to be too short now my money too long And bad bitches date me, broke niggas hate me Tell em get a little more paper they could trace me Aiming for the stars and my gun is off safety Swag on Mars and my group is on spacey We hit the club hoes screaming take me Fuck em then I tell em leave now they screaming "MAKE ME!" Niggas can't shake me I be out in A.C Shooting drug money block jumping like Blake G., Winner since H3 or when i rock the AVE Moms had Chryst in my bottle as a baby Now i pour Chryst on a model like I'm crazy Young live nigga but these hoes say I'm wavy Every re-up I'm building another level up Won't live life as a pilgrim I'm not a settler Shipment full of birds to my hood I'm Columbus We Chrystal, Chris Wallace, and Chris Dudus Gangsta rap (?) the pack, you pay me i dap You play me i clap just stating the facts I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad Half waited off crack, really did it the most Never did it the boast, sitting amongst the gross Picture and getting toast, counting and making jokes Bout hating niggas that's broke I would kill em but me making a killing Is killing them slow (Die!) New car like a shot to the head (Bah!) New bitch like i pushed her off the ledge (Ahhh!) New songs flex bongs niggas fed When i do this million dollar deal niggas gone be dead I'm living taking pictures with the Kool-Aid smile Flashy dope dealer yea you know my style Had no hope nigga i came up real wild Most of my friends are killers some of them blew trial See you in 15 with good behavior If i don't make it doing rap ima be ya neighbor For now i'll be that nigga New York's savior Save ya breath the (?) and bet ya wagers Powder... Motha fuckas

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