LyricsFinagle the Bagel

Young Lito

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Roy Ave Ft: Young Lito

It's just the way my day go tryna, finagle the bagel Playing with the Legos, I'm talking bout the yayo I be in the mix, in the mix, in the mix, in the mix, in the mix Making money flip, make it flip, make it flip, make it flip, make it flip A nigga hardly right but I did this time Whipping up the white yeah you know his rhymes All he talk is dealing, balling shit, and killing That's what the fuck I'm seeing on my way to a million Would you rather I be broke, a struggle rapper for your laughter with no hope? These niggas lead you to disaster in they quotes, it was depressing every time them niggas wrote I talk about getting the most out of life my nigga I can't settle and grin, I'm ain't a Pilgrim, I am built to win That's why I do well with the blow, I just chill and win The boy got a glow can't filter him These niggas don't wanna see me ball, they rather see me fall Or laying in the morgue, instead of shopping in the mall Or mad cause I'm like Wall, your boy a young Wizard When it come to them digits the know I really get it Got the city on my fitted and the hood on my back A lot of gold around my neck and on my hip is the strap They since I started rappin' I don't know how to act But i was never into acting so front and clapped Man down, all you little niggas better stand down You can't block these shots, put your hand down The block I used to walk on getting ran now You ain't deaf I know you heard I'm the man clown

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