LyricsWatch Out (Freestyle)

Trill Sammy

Last update on: June 8, 2016
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All my niggas bosses all my niggas hustlers All my niggas gettin money all my niggas 100 All my niggas been on all my niggas stay silent

All my niggas some players all my niggas done retired Pulled up drop head pulled off in a spur So gone off patron I forgot to pull out of her Whole life is a blurr get money get high Weed habit too expensive but ain't none else I wanna try Tryna see what else I wanna buy I'ma fly type of guy Still feel like I'm winning you see these forgis spinning? Feel like I'm back in the beginning feel like I keep getting better When I look at my new bitches I feel like I keep getting better Used to roll in the slabs since deuces in a dab Now I can't talk about cars without making them mad They say I brag too much cause I talk about stuff they ain't touched I rap for hustlers livin' that boss life like us Watch out lil bitch, watch out lil bitch Watch out lil hoe, watch out lil hoe I been smoking gas out the O I been countin' up you ain't know Just checked out my wrist it's so gold Just looked at my chain it's on froze damn I ain't come over here for nothin' bitch you know we is fuckin' That OG gas I'm puffin' runni' up bands comin' from nothin' Check out the ass on my bitch she butt naked whippin a brick I might just empty the clip Don't come in my trap takin' pics Hold up, wait a min they done let me through the door Now my pockets full of dough my life a movie like Blow I'm icy my wist is on snow she want me I already know Fucked the bitch right on the floor then after she gotta go Watch how I run up them bandz Pops told me run it up run it up Workin' all night till the sun is up Now niggas is pissed that we comin' up Jumpin' in the crowd I be foolin' Dice Soho I'm swervin' and zoomin' icy like bitch we just coolin' Schoolin' these niggas like students Shawty she thick and she fine hit that pussy from behind Pull out and bust on her spine if it's good I hit her one more time

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