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Too Phat

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LAST SONG (Malique) This gon' be our last song, yeah our last song together

Since 98 we been thru both good and bad weathers And regardless of the 5 mics and radio hits This whole lifestyle we living now is making me sick Trust me now this ain't no interpersonal crisis I'll break it down in points to show how miserable life is You know my moms and pops Joe they brought me up righteous But temptations why my life's like this Smile and reminiscing the lost numbers of skins Free opportunities have made me dishonest to Tim This whole fan phanatic b'nez got me kind of afraid Remember that girl in Penang who carved my name wit' a blade? All over the body, if that's how Malique affect fans, I'm outtie We can't be blamed if they school grades turn out lousy Cause they practise breakdancing doing flares all day Just because they saw Malique doing it in his inlay And not to mention all the crazy calls from God knows who Just to call and hang up after screaming, I love you. From getting notes on my car in my carpark to under my apartment door And nasty yo-o-oh's in the store Feeling uneasy in public when witches beg me for kisses And people staring at me on urinals while taking pisses A privacy intrusion argument number one Laced with sin and guilt from fame is overweighing the fun My second line is blinkin' now you gotta hold on Imma leave you with the that I did for this song, Be right back[.(Malique's) This gon' be be our last song I know you want this to last long You prolly hear this song and ask me to act strong But stress is buildin up Imma blow It's time for you Joe to go solo(Malique) Yo sorry bro I'm back and guess what? Well that was Tim's mum Claimin' Tim was in the city right before the city's b She mentioned bout a concert, Alicia keys or something And still she hasn't called it's been like a week or something That's my girl of 9 years and now I'm worried still It sucks to deal with this long distance relationship And plus the fact she gon' get a degree Then come back and get a job and make more money than me The same for you Joe, you got something to fall on to This group can only last for how long, how long foo'? While I can I better come up with intelligent plans Before I end up hiding my face like the elephant man Those were points to digest and most of them were rather personal We made alotta dough though, well that was worth the while Regards to Bone, Cat and everybody in the crew And tell the b-boys the air swipes will come in really soon I better start packin' now since I got a stronger reason to leave Pray for me and Tim please And if I never come back trust me things went according to plans Your partner made it in foreign lands, for real The next flight to JFK is tomorrow at 2So peace, one love and may the memories be with you, one(Malique's) This gon' be our last song I know you want this to last long You prolly hear this song and ask me to act strong But stress is buildin' up Imma blow It's time for you Joe to go solo This gon' be our last song I know you want this to last long You prolly hear this song and ask me to act strong But stress is buildin' up Imma blow It's time for me to go.(Joe) What you saying man? Did I hear you right? Stick to the game plan man, it's gon' be aight This can't be our last song now Now I know you're confused Too Phat breaking up be blowing up in the news Ain't prepared to leave this rap game only roll with the best Only gon' stop rapping when they lay me to rest And no less I'm a handle this test you talking crazy son Ain't no problem we can't solve and this 'ish ain't no reason For you to be gone gots to look beyond and ahead We've come a long way and spread this hip hop ish Not from a negative aspect but in a positive way Kids in small towns freestyling when they parlay And the thousands of fans that rock when we blaze stages Line up for hours to get autographs later And think of how we took the industry by storm And got all kinds of people buying our album You ain't gon' quit now you gotta think this through I got ya back for real son now stop acting a fool Imma hit you back later ain't gonna take that long Peep the new that I did for the song(Joe's) This can't be our last song trust me son you got all wrong Before you know it ya problems will be all gone Keep it together don't mess up your mind I know this stress ain't but a bless in disguise(Joe) Been doing a lotta thinking need to get this off my chest Too Phat breaking up might be for the best Getting sick of cameras under tight scrutiny Dashing out of arena surrounded by security And groupies roaming lobbies just ain't fun no more They stalking as hobbies and I ain't gon' run no more Plus one more think that I need is a new challenge A long vacation b'fore I pursue my education Made a promise to my moms and go study abroad Maybe some day we'll hit 'em back with an encore You go show them yanks how us cats rock them crowds Then you best blow up and make your potna proud Takeover Bad Boy go buyont P. Diddy And maybe Illion will become reality I know you worried about you boo yo I'm sure she'd fine You go handle your's and Imma handle mine I guess it's bout time we lead different paths Listen to the it's gonna be our last(Joe's) This could be our last song I know I wanted this to last long But somehow yo we both gosta move on Hell yeah we had fun while it lasted But now Too Phat's a thing of the past.]

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