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Too Phat, Ruffedge, V.E.

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Chorus Tell shorty I love her Tell shorty I need her

Tell shorty not to cry My love for her Will never die Verse 1 [Malique] Remember Jenny? The witch who Really drove me delirious And ever since I never took a gurlie serious Well I was heartbroke And straight up revengeful Looked up in the mirror Saw some playa' potential I started workin' out Just like a mad man Learned some rap slang Even started off a rap band I called it Too Phat Now anybody heard of 'em? I don't know why But some gurlies Are crazy over 'em The story goes I met all kinds of creatures Some dime pieces Some fly chicks wit' fine features Some were ugleeeh Some were so so But the "hey, he's just a friend" type Is a no no 'Cause through experience It's not worth it It's uncool And any guy Who fights over a gurlie Is a dumb fool You feelin' me? This little Bill Bellamy Now all the shorties Wanna chill with me I was like Damn, I never felt great till lately Makin' all the gurlies Who date me Hate me And usually I'll be gettin' Those who I planna' Except for two model chicks Noarlene and Hannah But then aaa I had Nana, Nini, Susan Make 'em fall in love And at the end I confuse 'em I get bored And dump 'em No reason gave Just get a friend to go tell 'em This what I said Now lie it... Chorus Tell shorty I love her Tell shorty I need her Tell shorty not to cry My love for her Will never die Verse 2 [Joe Flizzow] Yo, I ain't never been the type To break a woman's heart But sometimes I sing 'em this song When it's time to part When it's time to go No you can't be with Big Joe I tell 'em trust me girl In due time you'll know Rather break if off early Before they in too deep Before I lose interest Before I start to cheat See I don't like that I play my game With some respect cat Leave 'em still loving me So later still can tap that Some szex with the ezex No strings attzached Y'all playaz feeling me? See I like dzat These o's think I'm a celebrity? And I'm gonna Write them a song On my next CD Well you right 'cause This song is about you B Or how it's about to be I love you girl But it ain't meant to be I know that don't make sense I took your innocence Babe I promise that We'll still be friends... What Might be a lame And cowardly reason To get away But I got that ish A lot way back in the day Ain't gon' lie say I ain't never got played Ask my homie K-Laid I've been down And been betrayed We called 'em the ish That's every man's unicorn The one that got away Left you with your heart torn But know I'm on my feet Life is sweet lets get in on And when it's time to exit That's it Peep this song I'm sorry shorty... Chorus (2x) Tell shorty I love her Tell shorty I need her Tell shorty not to cry My love for her Will never die Bridge Please don't tell my shorty why Please don't tell her it's a lie Tell her that she's still a dime Yeah that's why she can't be mine Baby bye bye hugs and kisses Fly lies, love and misses You can't be my Mrs. So goodbye! Verse 3 [Malique] Yo, whuttup cheeky I'm Liquey A tad picky Specialize in heartbreaks And 2 inch hicky That's how I picked up This curly chic Asha Last year Walked passed her At Mc D's at the cashier Nearly crashed her Didn't know she had a man Till this dude called me up I said, "I'm just a friend!" Then I met this really cute thang Sarah, a VJ The problem is she in Jakarta Me in PJ Came Catherine, a model A stunning looker When she caught me With her bestfriend Luna It shook her Luca, Stephanie, Daphne, Janice Rachel, Kimmy was the president's niece Peace! To all the hearts that I broke on tour At least 5 in Indo And 4 in Singapore But back home You know I got scores for sure Just tell me What type you lookin' for I had a chick in showbiz She liked to slow kiss But I dumped her She had halitosis Hana, a half Japanese chick Friends with Shukri Bed wrecker Made me go "Yukkuri, yukkuri!" Cookery expert MILF named Yuzi Chilled wit' her two kids In their jac'causei The Jaguar chick I met at the red lights Gimme ten seconds flat Imma get my mack right Now the list it goes on Till the break of dawn Yeah I'm strictly white lyin' When I'm singin' this song Young playaz sing along To shoo pigeons Who either plain wack Or love you For wrong reasons Like the chicks Who only want me Cause I'm popular Not because that I'm simply A fly fella' So to all the hearts I broke I mean many Don't blame it on me honey Blame Jenny... Chorus Tell shorty I love her Tell shorty I need her Tell shorty not to cry My love for her Will never die Verse 4 [Joe Flizzow] I'm lookin' for a ride or die chick Down *** chick That drive her own whips Had Monique Fly trick Used to buy me force kicks Loved to watch pawn flicks But couldn't really suck it Had to kick her out quick Met a half Latin chick in Ipoh Her mom was from Rio Company CEO But damn she had BO Adios senorita Then I met Anita But messed around with Rita (Ain't that her sista?) I'm the type of kid That could give Stella Her groove back Never drop corny lines like "Baby, you're Too Phat" Don't do that I drop conversations worthwhile That stimulate minds And tend to generate smiles Operate with style How I do is hard to say Call me Big J Hugh Heffner protegee See I ain't met a girl That could get down with me And blow my mind That's why I still Play around you see? Ya'll think I got a thing for flings? Well you wrong See until I meet The girl of my dreams I'll keep my game strong Keep my game fly Keep telling white lies Never deal with a trick To say my bye bye's Somebody please tell shorty That it's over Somebody go tell shorty That I love her This is for the better Believe my story It ain't you It's me shorty Believe I'm sorry C'mon now... Chorus Tell shorty I love her Tell shorty I need her Tell shorty not to cry My love for her Will never die

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