LyricsPhat Family Anthem

Too Phat, Phlowtron, Muchachaz, M.O.B., Teh Tarik Crew

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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It's all about The phat and perfect family We make 'em jazzy

And make 'em parlez all the way The kind of flows That shake the hottest towns We make the hottest sounds And make the parties bounce Joe&Phlowtron: It's the infamous freak And venomous Jizzow We hold on With Supafreak and AtomdaBomb From Phlowtron This how we do(this is how we do) Yo, you best listen proper On a Phat fam trip With more kicks Than foot locker Your boots been rocking Keeping it up in this mother Your style's fake Like it get sarcasm Every time you knock her It's urgent for us to be Submerging from the underworld We the chosen ones You don't believe me Ask the oracle Read the chironicles of this Mad rapper slash whoever Yo we fam Yeah we fam And keep it Through this endeavour This mission we ain't preaching Just need to split some knowledge Time to put fake noise Wise in cold storage We beyond It's your time You think you Hispanic We think you charlatanic Just chilling don't panic Ain't no beef in this brother The styles remain unheard of Too Phat and Phlowtron We taking this further Repeat Malique & Phlowtron: Yo what's your name(Malique) And what you representing Too Phat I heard a lot of songs The filling you now I'd say now it's too bad It's poetry of myself And those cast that filling me Like all your fans No doubt What you seem to hear Squealing me The stress is killing me But remain the trendsetter Like when push comes To hold ups jeans You should know better A 13th letter song She never yawn To remind you of my name Every time you be counting One, two No question I got some assumption Now an era of submission On this repercussion I superscript patch on Equipped and all ready Then everybody best believe That you fly Like I was R.Kelly Yeah, I think this someâ really It's revolutionary When we blow up spots You know my style unheard of It's Phat Fam Representing on the slow song Malique locking the down with me (Who) Carleed from Phlowtron Repeat Norrenâ I rock steady My raps are not petty My texts are locked fatty Yo Ren your shots ready Oh yeah I'm ready Step back and make way for Renita One in the million stunner I'm the femme de Nikita 1, 2 Dahlia's coming for you The dance queen, facinating I'll be rocking the scene Fantastic causes Phat Family no pauses We're pushing courses M.O.B: Ohhhh nooooâ(No, No, No) You better be ready for now Coz MOB's coming for ya Holla at me If you wanna battle(battle) As I running into the club Give it up just stop Don't think you're on top Gotta be the one Who's making it pop Telling you a bit about That's how we roll Gotta stick to the plan Caught a chick do that thang Better keep to my slang Got a gig to be hang Rather be with my friends Got you sick when I sang Would you stick to my fang Bet you flip I say so Better be prepared With a red carpet Gotta move my steps Taking off your hat Show me some respect Doing as I said Everything's the fact Flip that and so we roll The Tarik Crew: Save the best for last Coming through The only crew capable of Taking this track To critical mass We got you open Off the lines That we be quoting Exploding We leave the venue With the stage broken That no sugar coating Long rage we snipe Scoping up close With mic cords choking Deliver the final blow The rhyming prose With melted wax vinyl flows Oh, its time to go

No translations availableNo translations available
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