LyricsDon't Belong in Hollywood

Tom Odell

Last update on: October 26, 2018

Hello, my beautiful friend Did you get the money that your mother sent? Your pictures don't make sense

Are you happy or do you just pretend? You live in a town made by movie stars and educated hearts Might sound like Amy Winehouse singing in your car Do you wanna play that part? Wear that dress your record label bought you Fall in love with some Californian boy Fool me you think you could You don't belong in Hollywood, no no Hey kids, look at my face I'm sick and tired of being somebody that you hate Gee whiz, pack all my bags I'll buy a first class seat direct to LAX And oh boy, I'll be an music star I'll buy a Jaguar And every joke I tell you're the one's who laugh Beverly boulevard One day we'll be standing there face to face Cause you won't see the tears beneath my pride and shame Fool you all I thought I could I don't belong in Hollywood, no no Say what you wanna say How people change and there's no point reminiscing It's 3am and I'm still awake I keep thinking babe, my phone's vibrating Fool me did you think you could Come back to America I should've loved you when I could Oh, we're hopelessly misunderstood We don't belong in Hollywood No, we don't belong in Hollywood, no no

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