LyricsBroken Relationship

Toby Bradner

Last update on: May 8, 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Sorry if our connection's bad Mentally and physically Emotionally, and spiritually

Essentially, it's hard to see That I love you, and you love me It sounds crazy But we're a tree Our roots are rotting Waters faulting Why am I falling No time for halting Something feels Like it's not ideal We don't seam real Our love's concealed Behind our feelings So take your things And fly away In the Sky away Till I awake Why are we fake? Love turns to hate We feel disgraced To look at each other To love one another Find out our purpose Why our love is worth it We were peas in a pod Now our love turns to pods And addictions that I hate Addictions I want to break And I could write a million rhymes And I could do a million lines And commit every crime But I can't get back the time The time I spent with you Going through my emotions My problems My feelings This feeling is dumb You say that I'm dumb I reply "I feel numb" Cause not dealing with this feeling, isn't healing it at all Sitting, crying in the hall Of my head Wondering if you and I weren't ever dead So it's been said I told you You went through With the same face That I loved and disgraced At the time I'm out of time I can't find time So I'll write another rhyme And now the days turn into Years so quickly It's clear we aren't missing any parts Of our minds, we don't find love But we live until we give our hearts to someone else And we depart From our trip And even though it was quick I enjoyed every bit of it Even though it was a roller coaster Roller coasters are supposed to be fun So thanks again We kissed to avoid closure Are Hearts were farther, not closer If loves a drink we're both sober We're both thinking it's best that we are over

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