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Last update on: July 21, 2017
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Who knows the day when we would fall apart? Standing in the rain, with my broken heart, I'd still feel your lips in my memories

Nothing would fade... It'd be a lie to say I ain't worried That I'd lose you when I love you the most For love is so vague, for our hands are weak Oh baby, don't you know? I would love you more than words that I can say I would trade all my life to be with you When the night falls slowly, I'd be lost without you Oh what else could I do? Baby don't let go, because I love you so For the rest of my life, my only love When you feel so lonely, oh baby don't you cry? Don't you know I love you? Baby take my hand, until the very end To the heaven or hell, with you I stand Where our love can grow old, Where there are just us two Where I can be with you Don't you know, I love you?

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Synced byCathy Ngo
Translated byGia Bao Pham Tran
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