LyricsTrouble Boys

Thin Lizzy

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The Trouble Boys came in I guess they'd been out fighting and a'raving It wasn't long before they moved in And picked up the girls that we'd brought to It closed at ten o'clock I had to move fast To get my baby back from the Trouble Boys Twenty-five guys from the east side of the city Kings of hell-raising in the neigborhood One of them walked up and started dancing with my baby Who was crying because I didn't stop him All I could say honey was "This guy is bigger than the both of us" Trouble Boys, and the Trouble Boys all around me No one like getting sand kicked in their face But I don't know anyone who'd stand face to face with the Trouble Boys Yes the Trouble Boys I thought to myself it was time to make a move I breathed my last sigh and I started to groove with my babe Who was still dancing with the other guy By the look in her eye I was a martyr 'Cause no one cuts in on the Trouble Boys Twenty-five gorillas standing all around I was shaking like a leaf on an Autumn tree The leader came up and took me by the hand He shook it like a brother He didn't crush it after all He said, "You're ok, you're the only one who's stood up to the Trouble Boy

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