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ok alright ok alright, yea x2 yea i spend my, nights working

and im quite certain if the right person come across me then i might hurt em this the, white sermon and i aint talk generic, these rappers is my sons im the shittiest of parents this just another suicide lullaby you dont get the truth here we only summarize facts saying nothing we should publicize throwing lightning bolts, my bitch go the thunder thighs its young zeus with is, throw a blunt in the cirle playing duck duck goose with it, too prolific lot of people after the bread, me ima rap when im dead tell em shoot me in the back of the head man with no face .yeah, man with no face, uhm Man with no face Yea. yeah, yeah Unstable head, fillin' up with raps Whiskey in my flask shit you didn't have to ask There's making judgements but they didn't know the half I ain't Schoolboy Q bitch, I didn't go to class Your bitch pussy lips is on my 'stache I see these new rappers and, all I do is laugh Rap sabotage, young Macintosh Funny money like I was buddies with Judd Apatow Yeah, the raps is hard but the pack is raw I'm Old Jewish homie, chillin' playing racquetball And it's all good after all And it's all good after all Yeah, man with no face Man with no face

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