The Roots

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(Black Thought) Uh uh, come on, S-P in the Up north into the NYC and the out West

And to niggas in Cali and the Down South type dynamite What, yo yo come on dynamite dynamite Uh check it out, uh uh Yo yo yo yo yo check it out (Chorus) Eve-ry bo-dy, touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite C'mon, touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite C'mon, touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite Check it out, eve-ry bo-dy Touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite C'mon, touch this Illa-Fifth Dynamite C'mon, touch this Illa-Fith Dynamite Yo, check it out In in tro tro duc ducing The sole missin link, what could MC's who listen think It's Black Thought, open your eyes and don't blink Yo, to rock this mic is like a basic instinct But yo in-in-tro-tro-duc-ducing (Elo) Behind thee, the mic champ-ion More than a step-ion Mothafuckers sweatin me, beggin me just to get me on Macro-cosmic, micro-master (Black Thought) Aiyyo I'm all the way way, Phil Phil-lay-lay People wanna see the way the Illadel play Yo, look in the mirror, watch what yourself say I'm from S-P, no mortal man can test me Thought, I keep a lin-e in, upper eschulone-in Heineken, hold the rhymin in, flows remindin em Cats that hear me up, some shit from back in the past Your half-steppin ass, could never fathom a grasp because (Elo) Yo we got a doctrine, in cold-rockin it Bringin this apocalype, nigga you mad topical *Bitch* my raps trick your optical Mister superficial, I'm rippin apart your heart tissue This is your official, dismissal I don't study the artificial, who fuckin wit the dark crystal Yo where are is you? I'm movin like a smart missle Aimed and guaranteed to hit you (Black Thought) Word up, but when the Fifth do get on and perform, you in for it It ain't no way to cen-sor it, my style metaphoric To bricks and ten tons stacks hard to lift The artist, comin out the Fifth darkness (Elo) We go back like ancients, while you ain't shit Sub-terrainean, never against the grain-ean Afro-American slash half-blade-ean In your universe, my star's the most radiant Chorus (Black Thought) Aiyyo it's all the way live, from 2-1-5 Plus admission is denied so just wait outside Two extremes collide like Jekyl and Hyde And I provie you wit the swerve you need, but take heed You travellin like speed Iller than adventures you might read O-fficial original breed, the just-ice league, yo it's the P-5-D Style fashionist, other MC's they actresses (Elo) Yo it's the high-opposed, you bout to get shot down Tryin to fly above this Illa-Fifth compound You've known since the get-go, I rock your disco Ain't nobody badder, but yo you get my gist so I represent so you gotta squint As far as how I do it you ain't compen-sate We causin nui-sance and get in-decent so save your two cents Don't come in my district, kickin that *bullshit* (Black Thought) Yo it's all simplistic, limited click get Lyrically lifted, touchin the Fifth shit Trenches of the mentally twisted, you enlisted 5 was the emblem on the mic you got hit wit (Elo) And I stomp ya, till you call me conqueror Back-slappin all the niggas that slept Thinkin that Elo could ever disappear I'm strippin they vi near Wit this non ether reefer, quiet frequent premiere Chorus 2x

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Synced bySaël Lacroix
Translated byJacopo Cesareo
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