The Game, Problem, Bad Lucc

Last update on: July 21, 2017
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That's yo hoe? I fucked yo bitch hold up Yo face look mad as shit She sucked my dick and you kissed her

Boy I nuted all on her lips Cuz you fuckin with a THOT nigga You fuckin with a THOT nigga that's on mamas Cuz you fuckin with a THOT nigga You fuckin with a THOT nigga that's on mamas You fuckin wit a THOT nigga I'm a real nigga bitch you fuckin' wit a Pac nigga Graduated from the pills and them rocks nigga Money, power, respect, come through like The Lox nigga Fuck a bottle, buy the box nigga Buy the Audemar, we don't Google, we buy the stock nigga Same old boppers, leader of the new school Sprayin on them lockers, no rain gon stop us Get the swing on yappers Flush on the bottom, gold fangs on the top ones, you came with the choppa And I'm known for cutting these hoes like I'm the bachelor They stuck in the hood, I'm the spatula Told these bitches expose these bitches for who they are You a THOT, yea I really know these bitches Think it's all I owed these bitches for being themselves She a coach bag bitch but she follow Chanelle That's on mamas I got riggidi riggidi racks and them diggiti damn The piggiti piggiti paint the face of a riggidi clown Black out, back out, like a flimsy blast Fuck a track out, like racin outside, pussies chalked outline Niggas can't be outshined, outrhymed or outdimed I'm like Magic in his prime without hives It's stuntin season It's fuck niggas like gays but for the other reason Me and Luccy getting cutting in them regions Period, a bitch bleed then I fuckin bleed er What? You fuckin with a THOT nigga My Compton niggas come with K like that nigga Real when I talk, you can tell bout my tone Fewest of grim likes, a bitch swear that she on Via post from condos riding in Lambos Stunting pronto, knowin that shit Rondo's bitch She kinda thick, what's yo measure? Say her name bone collector, that's on secty 3-5-4, I'mma rep ride it real She like the way I dress but them 5-0-1's on the chill On her first two visits, nasty when I fuck I told her keep me out the clinic, and mamas I'm bout that business Blowin money fast but I'm stayin out them fences Super pervert, I'm G Lavert to these bitches Feelin like that nigga Back when I was skinny, before I'm fillin out them pictures and fuckin wit yo sister Mr grab diamond wear sheriff hoes And if my bitch done have a kid I have a lair for hoes Hella sick with this pimpin My moms told me how to tell a chick from a chicken Don't be fuckin with a Christian Diamond lane bangin, they hear it and get to trippin I'm the king of the THOTs, nigga listen

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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Synced byDiana Gozman
Translated byJan Zacharias
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