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The Byrds

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The crops are all in And the peaches are rotting The oranges piled up In their creosote dumps You're flying 'em back To the Mexican border To spend all their money To wade back again {Chorus}: Good bye to my Juan Goodbye Rosalita Adios mis amigos Jesus y Maria You won't have a name When you ride the big airplane All they will call you Will be "deportees" Some of us are illegal And others not wanted Our work contract's up And we have to move on 600 miles to that Mexican border They chase us like outlaws Like rustlers, like thieves {Chorus} The skyplane caught fire Over Los Gatos Canyon A fireball of lightning Shook all our hills Who are all these friends Who are scattered like dried leaves The radio said They were just "deportees" {Chorus} {Repeat}

1 Translation available1 Translation available
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