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The Bishops

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chorus Well old blind bartamaues stood on the way Blind Blind bartamaues stood on the way, well old blind bartamaues stood on the way crying oh lord have mercy on me

verse 1 In my gods bible the word proclaims that christ went healing the cripple and the lame he gave to the poor and needy bread, healing the sick and raising the dead, then when he came to galilee he passed by a man that could not see, well the man was blind he was blind from birth they tell me that his name was blind bartamaues chorus verse 2 when bartamaues heard that the lord was neigh he fell on his knees and began to crying oh thou man of galilee, crying great god almighty have mercy on me crying oh lord, mary's baby, oh lord, son of david, oh my lord, bleeding lamb..., oh my lord from in bethelehem verse 3 Well my lord he stoped and turned around and he saw blind bartamaues on the ground and he touched his eyes with the palm of his hand, Blind bartamaues saw like the natural man He cried thank god, mary's baby, thank god, son of david, thank my god, bleeding lamb..., thank my god from in betheleham chorus

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