Talon Haynes

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Every night it gets a little bit kind We all get hurt sometimes But tell me where the the storm's Why you gotta run Why you gonna let things bring you down I know that we make mistakes But you're thinking too late over So i wont be afraid Never walk away from love I told you "wait a minute" "Wait a minute" til the end Yes but i told you that i get you But i tell to you again We cant be friends I put my life on the line here you know But you still turn away from me 1 I guess you never said it Never said it so you win How you can keep believing What you're believing just pretend But you'll know How you're not the one who hold my hand If you can't say what you need to say Say you love me and we're just friends Why cant you say what you have to say Say you want me wanna slip away Just say it to me 4× I dont think you understand No this was not prepared Cause i said i would jump You say you would jump Why you gonna stand there looking down And i thought we were in it together Cause i was just mistaking I made it alone Funny how you changed Funny how you lied Damn its better that you're leaving Even now i will said it I will said it til the end Couldnt make it any clear But i never stood a chance So over friends We put it on the line how what you said But you still turn away from me 1 & 2 Theres more than a million words That you gave to me But the jolt in your heart is whats left So just say it to me 2

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Translated byEstefani Santos
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