Such a Surge

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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the sun goes down, life is like a merry-go-round i try to get a grip on that slippery ground what goes up must come down, i'm in too deep.

this night will be another restless sleep so i'll go on and try to get my conscience free i'll stop my enemy to free my dignity last night i dreamed what tomorrow might brings i'm not your puppet i don't give a fuck i'll cut off the strings my straightjacket fits, the sleeves made by society it's always the same they chain me cause i'm insane my hands, stained with blood but my mission is gods will it's like a thrill i've got to kill so lay your cards on the table it's time to play this game's called "live and let die" so what you gotta say i've got nothing to lose so i don't bring no sacrifice but i realized that you have to pay the price refrain: flatlines ...tell me your fuckin lies flatlines ...but now it's time for you to die sitting all alone in my room with the radio on i'don't know what to do 'cause i don't know what's going on my mind is clear, so why do i have this fear to look at my face to see these eyes full of tears crying yes crying all the time about my memories realising that my life is full of tragedies stuck between two worlds and i can't stand the agony reality is my dream so won't you please take this pain from me shadows on the wall where are they from, another dream i've got enough of this, back to reality i've got a message for you and you might belive me it's true you'll never see me crying again cause i'll break your rules a dream about a perfect world is your identity but beware of the fact, that i'm your enemy the one who's gonna step up to you and show you that your rules are the rules of a fool refrain: flatlines ...look into my eyes flatlines ...tell me your fucked up lies flatlines ...and now it's time for you to die flatlines bye bye chump flatlines ...and now it's nothing but a flatline

No translations availableNo translations available
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