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F/ P.K.iller, Swizz Beatz P.K.iller!

(Verse 1) Y'all gon die, so who gon cry for us Hop in they whip and ride for us Pop niggas in the skull in they frame, shit It's a body for a body for the love of the game But niggas'll call the precinct with your government name But I'm still loadin my guns, gettin it on And if a nigga bury my man, I bury his mom I was trained to dump in your face, jump over the gate Hop in the hoop', grab a bird, get outta the state Stay in the dirt, dog we like pieces of shit Dealin coke like cars, come lease you a brick Holiday bitch, I show you what a 38 special do Turn niggas vegetable, salad ass niggas Never send a coward around violent ass niggas I'ma always bust my gun, use my knife Ride or die, til the day I lose my life (HOOK 2X: Swizz and P.K.iller) Y'all know we in here! (YO!) Tell me who's in here! (YO!) Y'all know we in here! (YO!) Tell me who's in here! (YO!) You dealin with the streets, (YO!) you dealin with the thugs! (YO!) You dealin with the set, (YO!) so y'all throw it up! (Verse 2) It don't matter who you are, or what you say Aint no rapper you name f**kin wit Styles And I'll probably die young, shot in the war But I aint never give a f**k, and I always was wild And I'd rather have a open case, than an open face Kill every witness, I aint goin to trial And everybody's a gangsta, nobody's pussy There's alotta niggas lying and I know who you are Next time I go to jail, I aint gettin the bail I'ma kill a hundred niggas, right in front of niggas When cops come through, they gettin it too Goin out wit a bang, 'bout to start up a gang Cocksucker, it's the Holiday crew Get money, kill niggas, do robberies too 'Cause you f**kin wit the grimiest, sheistiest Can't wait to die dog, life's a bitch (HOOK 2X) (Verse 3) I'ma die screamin, f**k you, meet me in hell 'Cause I still got beef on my chest, and it gets no deeper Look at the ink on my arm, I tattooed the reaper of death And they call me Holiday, I let a slug go in your shirt And wait for the leak in your chest I'll probably black out, think about my welfare days And times I had to sleep on the steps Niggas don't want it wit me, you could call me arrogant dog Until you get stabbed in the jaw P'll run up in the hospital, stab you some more Don't you f**k wit no nigga that be plannin for war I got slugs that go through you, put your man on the floor Purplest Porsche, mahogany seats, body your peeps Project was pussy and the lobby was sweet Niggas had alotta mouth, but they body was weak (HOOK 2X)

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