LyricsSomething Special

Stephen Duffy

Last update on: July 29, 2019
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I'll never be hip in the magazines (That don't matter) And I don't mix in those social scenes

(Just don't bother) I'm not in the book on the coffee tables (I don't care) And I just don't fit designer labels We're out there We've just got each other One love and one lover This must be the start of something special Taken to the heart as something special When we're apart we're together Welcome to the start of forever It's such a release just to be with you (We're together) Even when I can't speak my love talks to you (You're my lover) You don't tie me down, you just set me free (Easter, brother) I don't want more than you to be with me (Undercover) I can't express it better Mere words lack the lustre

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