LyricsHappy Go Lucky

Stephen Duffy, The Lilac Time

Last update on: July 25, 2017
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I'm happy go lucky but don't give a damn What the princes are thinking or the common man 'Don't watch the TV' is all I advise

If it's not propaganda, it's just stupid lies Lost in efflorescence but just for a time What are my options? Revolution or crime? The constant recession if born without means Makes happy go lucky the stuff of dreams In this book I'll tell you why I persevered The answer is simple: all that I feared A return to the kingdom of autopia And live like a has been in suburbia I mapped out the cosmos, I did it in code Each heavenly body and Birmingham road Oh, the hidden fragments strategically placed The close textual reading of something erased Are you blinded by scandal, is redemption phased? There's a bomb in the vestry that cannot be traced I hated my labour and I hated my life I got drunk on that hatred and made her my wife "Sorrow's better than laughter" she said with a grin "There isn't a good man who doesn't know sin" I stopped drinking, what was I thinking? For there is no remembrance of former things Gave my heart to know wisdom that comes after kings All I got was vexation and vanities claws And an endless probation in a city of bores Each difficult question and simple riposte The lack of attention and paradise lost Break the frame of your fiction, the frame of your frame Be happy go lucky and don't wish for fame Be happy go lucky but don't wish for fame

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