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Last update on: July 5, 2017
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Go and Pop that pussy Better drop that pussy Right here on my dick

She the shit with that pussy Lil Mama wanna push me Pussy feel like gushy Shaking it like a stripper Cuz she know just what she doing Say I'm... Riding in a Buick Bitch chopped the pussy on my dick, so I screwed it They say Geezy don't do it So fuck it i'll do it Cuz if Geezy no good Then you know that I'mma hit her Yo body is a killer And I just wanna feel her Way that pussy dance up on my dick Like its Skrilla The rise they like pillars Grab em when they jingle Pop that pussy on my face So i can taste that vanilla It don't get no realer Yeah you because you trilla That all them niggas watching While them hoes be hating quicker Baby girl I am that nigga I might just have to tip her And no she's not a slut But she's shaking it like a stripper The club got hot as fuck Her pussy wet as fuck She said its cuz of my dick Cuz my dick is hard as fuck I swear to god she bad as fuck And all the niggas want her But she ain't stunting them because my dick was steady on her I had her in the corner A nigga had to bone her I'm squeezing on her pussy While she sip on the corona This bitch was bad as fuck The type that you would marry Her pussy smell good dog That shit smell like some cherries A person who was scary Pretty, shy and quiet But when I kiss the spot None, smell she ain't denying She say she got a man I said ok you lying I gotta have some trouble because I told her Ass don't fight Grabbed her by the waist from behind She got excited Put my dick against her pussy from the back And she liked it, had a time of her life One night I was with her All my bad bitch twerking And they shaking it like some stippers

No translations availableNo translations available
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