LyricsBest Friends for Cheddar

Sophie Pecora, Shane Dawson, Friends

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We're sitting with our friends We hope it never ends But you know it won't as long as we got doritos Best friends forever Best friends for cheddar Oh oh Best friends for cheddar Drew: DOMMY? YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT Extra cheesy on top That grease is drip drip non-stop And with my friends l made this bop YO Ryland: I don't like cheese cause it makes me fat with ease It's sticky and it's icky and it makes me very sicky It brings my friends togather And I know we're not forever, it works for now But I hate killing cows Garret: yo I'm stuffed crust boi And my close friends bring me mad joy yo I got that mad cheddar But my hyigene could be better On the real I look like harry potter's dad His name is james and he blew his state real bad But unlike james hufflepuff flow We love friendship and playing in the snow Shane: yo this friendship is vegan Feels good and it was all decent But sometimes we sneak some cheese in but I guess you can say im vegetarian We all got a different flavor its so good when we melt togather We got sharp, shrededd stinky and fire This cheese will never expire Sophie: we're sitting with our friends We hope it never ends But you know it won't Yeah you know it won't Yeah were sitting with our friends its gettin kinda crazy But we all know it won't end Look at the clock at three get out the cheese Melt it in the oven so we're liquidity and free Cheddar on my wrist, you get the jist yeah When we eat the swiss we get a easy click Bitting through and through as we eat food Getting all cheese on our clothes, but thats nothing new When we are best friends forever, best friends for cheddar oh Oh oh Best friends for cheddar.

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