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Last update on: January 7, 2021
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I don't want to pity you But look at the shape that you're in We're far past a scenic-route

We're right back where we began So you say you'll let fate decide Whether you live or you die And I'd say there's still fight in you But I don't think there's a fight in you You scream and my blood runs cold Shows in chills that run down my arm And you say it's a miracle That you've caused nobody harm So I sit by your windowsill And think of the life that we built False hope in cinder blocks Real death and who we are "You say that you understand, but you don't I'm glad that you don't You don't deserve to go through this Just take me back to when we were nineteen When life was ahead of me Just like it seemed to be Distort reality" You said that you hate goodbyes So you gave me a kiss goodnight Sapphire to jasper eyes A yellow rose, in midnight You smiled and held my cheeks Bare-breasted on top of me We moved in symmetry Your lips were recovery So the world withered away And our fingers locked in place And as you came, you broke the frame Of a portrait you tried to paint Time passed and we moved on Found a life where we belonged We were older, but still young Now our forties are almost gone "I don't want to start here, I'm so tired Can you please start over? Tell me again Who you fell in love with? And was she reckless? Do you even remember?" Well, of course I remember Yes, of course I remember

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