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Like the promise of a grey day dawning Like the dreams I never had Like I'm working like a beast of burden

Just like Sisyphus I know where I stand Like I need another rude awakening With all your caterwauling in my ears Like I know where all the money comes from Just like the man said "Here my dear." Like I need another cute Demelza Like I need to be a gentleman LIke I need another sweet Lolita Like I need another Jezebel 'Love is the flame of burning brandy' I take a drink from your poisoned cup Like I need another Mata Hari Like I need to see those eyes close-up Like I need another 'brief encounter' Like I need another fresh start Like I understand your indignation Like you care about my wounded heart Like I need another misadventure Like I need another dead end trail Like I need another misdirection Like I need another fairytale Like I bring a plague on all your houses Just like I'm Herod or "The King of Misrule" Like I need another stark reminder Like I'm Jonah or the April Fool Like I need to make another swan song Like I need another 'sordid boon' Like I need another born-again virgin Cut my heart out with a wooden spoon Like a ballad for the disenchanted Like a sonnet for a long-lost friend Like a requiem played on my heartstrings Like you're the last word and this is the end.

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