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Shofu when you adress me pokeballin' no testies yo boy so fly ground moves don't effect me.

Elite 4 beaten eight times they respect me, press that power button now it's on like Espe! Mornin' night and day, pokemon is in my head. this morning I woke up with a hot blonde inside my bed I saw that she was playing blue version do you know what I did? I smacked that bitch upon her head and said: I play pokemon red! Stockpile you twice and then I vomit, however you want 'em and I got it. Ultraballs in my pocket, blastin' off again Team Rocket. Focus Punchin' difficult to stop it, got a hitmonchan and Im boxin' if you do attempt to block it I'll have my machamp karate chop it. You say you got your third badge I got my eight the night before! I'm smoking so much green Im burning all the fucking Ivysaurs! I really hate the weedle so I stab 'em with a needle and I told my fucking sneasle to spin an icebeam at you people! When you run into an Entei and it's your chance to capture it and then it runs away and you have to chase after it be like: Aye I got Swagger, TM87 Tell 'em Aye I got Swagger, TM87. When you're in need of repels but you forgot to stock up now every two steps a pokemon pops up be like: Aye I got Swagger, TM87 Tell 'em Aye I got Swagger, TM87 Uh Im harder than the Miltank of Whitney You can use pursuit BUT you will never get me Catch you slippin' hit you with that water like Misty Shofu too cold now you gotta Flare Blitz me. I threw a rock at brock, electrecuted Misty. Lt. Surge was easy and Erika tried to kiss me. Smokin' Kali Cush with Kogan and Sabrina was a bitch Blaine needed to cool down Geovani sleeps with fish! We got that Pelipper swag yeah we pelican fly and we gonna be ignorin you our levels too high. No Blastoise or Venusaur I roll with team Charizard I rep that pokemon red like a Relicanth eye! I can't look you in the eyes because I heard it's rude to stare at hoes You're a little Magikarp and im a fucking Gyarados! Water to your rock Fire to your grass Electric to your water Man I'll zap your fucking ass When you're making progress super excited to play then you turn your game off but you forgot to save it Be like: Aye I got Swagger, TM87 Tell 'em Aye I got Swagger, TM87 You find a Pokémon you need cuz your tryna catch 'em all then that fucker breaks out of your last pokeball (-.-) Be like Aye I got Swagger, TM87 Tell em Aye I got Swagger, TM87. You don't know my legacy Pokémon is my specialty I just- I just caught a Mew Two I dare you to try and mess with me I'm better than you'll ever be I can feel your jeaousy for the poison Im spitting there's no Antidote or Remedy! I'm from Pallet Town You are from the barrio And when I see some Pussy I beat it up like Lucario Pokémon is my world. I masturbate to Pokégirls. man Pokémon the best game ever made FUCK MARIO!

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